A Weird World Series


A quick non-bird related post featuring silly math.

How weird was the World Series that ended last night?  Using an outlier test, there’s a 99.9999571% chance that the 2015 World Series was pretty damn weird.


The average game length (number of innings) in all World Series prior to tonight was 8.92, with only one series passing the 10 inning mark (2005 @ 10.13 innings per game).  The 2015 World Series clocked in at a whopping 10.4 innings per game, almost 2.5 innings longer than the average game in an average World Series.  Pretty nuts!  I doubt we’ll ever see something quite like this again.


As a short sidenote to this post: my beloved Minnesota Twins hold the unbeatable record for the fewest innings per game in a World Series.  In 1987, the home team won every single game in 8.5 innings.