Number of Living Presidents through U.S. History

Sorry for the extreme delay in posting any sort of content.  We’ve both been absurdly busy with work!  I finally had a day off today and the thought popped into my brain:  at what point in history were the most U.S. Presidents alive at the same time?  So, I threw every President’s inauguration and death into a spreadsheet to see what it looked like.

Turns out, there have been three periods in U.S. history where 6 former and current U.S. Presidents have been alive:  3/4/1861 – 1/17/1862, 1/22/1993 – 4/21/1994, and 1/22/2001 – 6/5/2004.  Times were good to be a president in the first 70 years of the nations history and the last 50 years.  But from 1861 – 1974, they had a bit of a low survival rate.

Living Presidents

There have also been 8 periods in U.S. history when there was only one President alive!  That dubious honor falls to:  George Washington, John Adams, Ulysses S. Grant, Grover Cleveland (between the time McKinley was killed and Teddy Roosevelt was sworn in), Teddy Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover (both at the end of his term after Coolidge died AND after FDR died but before Truman was sworn in), and Richard Nixon.

Speaking of Nixon, he presided over one of three periods in U.S. history that was relatively bad for our presidents (3 died before a new one entered the office).  From 1/18/1862 – 4/15/1865, Tyler, Van Buren, and Lincoln died.  From 10/8/1869 – 7/31/1875, Pierce, Filmore, and Johnson died.  And from 3/28/1969 – 1/22/1973, Eisenhower, Truman, and LBJ died.


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