Who we are.

We are biologists – the kind of biologists that get giardia, freeze their asses off living in a tent on the top of a mountain, fight off swarming hordes of ants and flies in the tropics, and sink trucks in the mud. The mission of a biologist, at its heart, is to understand what life is and to try to do our best to conserve, preserve, and celebrate that life. This blog is about that celebration. This is a blog about nature, philosophy, art, science, humor, math, and ecology and the place where these topics intertwine.


Lynn’s ornithological work has lead her to study the hows and whys of bird migration from North America into the tropics and back. She migrates with her study species as much as possible, and she is better adapted to warm climates than cold. Aside from being a biologist, Lynn is a halfway decent artist specializing in painting portraiture of birds in watercolor.


Sean is an ornithologist who specializes in post-fledging ecology and has worked in Costa Rica, Canada, and the United States. When he’s not chasing tiny birds through swamps and forests, you can probably find him complaining about writing about himself in the third person.

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