California Condor vs. Common Raven


This Valentine’s Day, we had a wonderful time searching for Condors at Pinnacles National Park.  Although the day started slow, we ended up with absolutely amazing views of Condors throughout the day.  We saw at least 8 individuals and some really cool interactions between one two-year old bird and a playful Common Raven. Continue reading

The Ghost Bird


I have been studying the Black Rail for about a month and a half now.  In that time I have seen a grand total of one Black Rail.  Little larger than a mouse, these birds slip through dense wetland vegetation without a sound.  They’re like tiny shadows.  The first bird I saw, I saw for a grand total of about 1/10th of a second.  It’s been really bizarre to work with an animal that can stand 2 feet from you and never be seen.  This weekend, Lynn and I got absurdly lucky and were able to photography this incredibly elusive animal.

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