Number of Living Presidents through U.S. History

Sorry for the extreme delay in posting any sort of content.  We’ve both been absurdly busy with work!  I finally had a day off today and the thought popped into my brain:  at what point in history were the most U.S. Presidents alive at the same time?  So, I threw every President’s inauguration and death into a spreadsheet to see what it looked like.

Turns out, there have been three periods in U.S. history where 6 former and current U.S. Presidents have been alive:  3/4/1861 – 1/17/1862, 1/22/1993 – 4/21/1994, and 1/22/2001 – 6/5/2004.  Times were good to be a president in the first 70 years of the nations history and the last 50 years.  But from 1861 – 1974, they had a bit of a low survival rate. Continue reading

How Much Service Do Presidents Have?

Donald Trump and Ben Carson currently lead the Republican Presidential Primary polls.  If either of those two candidates is elected, they would be the first President in the history of the United States to have no prior government service.  But that made me wonder:  how much service do Presidents generally put in before they are elected?  So I scoured Wikipedia and compiled the number of years of service (both civil and military) that each President had prior to being elevated to the Presidency.

YearsOfService Continue reading